About Me

Kinesiology Prince GeorgeI am a practicing kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.  I specialize in injury prevention and recovery and I will work with you to help improve your overall quality of movement.  I give you the tools to take control of your pain and manage it yourself.  

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, I graduated with a degree in Physical Education in 1996.  Upon arriving to British Columbia later that same year, I decided to become recognized as a Kinesiologist.  

I started out working in physiotherapy clinics, in WCB programs – and now on a contract basis as a Health Management Specialist and Ergonomist for various companies.  I began Active Balance Fitness & Rehabilitation part time in 2001; and in 2006 it became my full time business. 

I have been working in the rehabilitation industry for over 15 years, and I am passionate about helping people improve their quality of movement, decrease their pain and return to doing the things they love. If you are affected by an old injury, experience pain while sleeping, suffer pain while at work, or have pain while driving…. I can help. 

I have always led an active lifestyle, and know how important it is to your overall health.  To help you understand some simple changes you can make, I provide free 30-minute telephone healthy lifestyle consultations.  The goal of this is to help you get started on a road to a healthier you.  Contact me for details.