My first ever BONK!

My first ever BONK!

As an avid mountain biker, I experienced my first ever “bonk” or “hitting a wall”.  While part way through a race, I experienced a gradual onset of dizziness.  I had never experienced this before, I assumed it would go away if I pulled back a little.  At the time of this onset, my heart rate was hovering at 101% of my age predicted max, and was for a period of time before this occurred.

13177688_10154266108350921_1779256347539694028_nUnfortunately, the dizziness became worse, to a point I could not even stay in the center of the trail.  Just meters before the last big climb, I sadly had to stop and get off my bike as I was all over the place.  As much as I wanted to just keep going, it would not have been safe to even consider attempting the final descent.  I staggered pushing my bike up to the first aid volunteer who was stationed at the top of the climb.  I lied down for over 20 minutes, had some gels, with no improvement in the dizziness.  It did eventually go away completely about 45-60 minutes later.

At the time, I thought maybe it was because it was “that time of the month”, maybe I didn’t drink enough water the day before, maybe I should not have had coffee before (but that was NOT new)…. I really did not know, so I went to see my doctor.  She assessed me from a neurological perspective and was not able to determine the cause.  She said the only way to know more would be if I had been assessed at the time while I was dizzy…. not a week later when I finally got in to see her.  With some reports of random wheezing, I tested borderline asthmatic, but not worth prescribing anything at this time.  She did send me for a lung capacity test, which came back fine.  It was determined my Iron was slightly low, so I started taking that right away.

After that unfortunate event, I finally admitted to myself that maybe I needed more than I was providing my body through my “real” food.  I consider my diet very good, and I have the same “pre-race” meal I have for years.  But maybe…. just maybe….. all the “real” food I was eating was just not enough to give my body what it needed for extended hard riding (4-5 days per week on average).  I was determined to find something to assist my body and its needs for this.  I have been supplementing with various things including Magnesium, pre and post workout drinks, and daily doses of electrolytes.  Things seemed to have improved, although I do continue to get the occasional bout of dizziness when riding hard.


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Personal Struggles with Weight

For those who have known me since childhood, know that I have struggled with my weight since I was a toddler.  I have posted some photos of me as a child, as well as some recent photos of me after having a baby.  Because I have struggled with my weight as a child, I will struggle with it forever.

When I turned 30 years old, I instantly noticed that maintaining my weight became more challenging.  And again, after I had a baby at age 35, I started to struggle even more.  I wanted to have another baby, but feared that I would gain more weight than I did with my first child, and feared even more that I would not be able to get rid of it. Continue reading

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Tired of Lower Back Pain?

Are you one of the 80% that suffer occasional back pain?  Or worse, do you suffer from it all the time?  Why is it that so many people suffer from something that is so preventable?  SOME people, who experience back pain, had an injury that contributed to it (such as a work related incident, a sports injury or a motor vehicle accident). 

MOST people however; cannot associate their pain with any specific incident.  MOST people report to me that their pain developed over time; or just snuck up on them.  An accident is an accident, however; for everyone else, what could they have done to prevent it? Continue reading

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How’s your posture?

Do you feel like your posture is getting worse over the years?  Well, you’re not alone.  The problem is that the majority of those with poor posture are not aware of it.  This lack of awareness may contribute to further deterioration over time; and in many circumstances leads to pain. 

Continue reading

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